Things to consider while constructing a building


There are various things one has to consider while building a new building. It may not be a simple task and various aspects need to be taken into consideration. Suvih engineering solutions are one stop for all kinds of needs and to make sure all the aspects are covered. Here are few important things that need to be considered while building a new house.


  • Be prepared for the groundwork

Construction drawings for the house and the road maps play a major role as they have the ability to provide every detail with respect to the building going to be built. There are various models and software that are used in the process of building. It is essential to spend valuable time with the people involved in the construction with respect to the architects and other technical persons. Enquire and get a clarity with the little symbols mean and it is essential to have a better picture regarding the space you like.

Understand and study the plan made think how such rooms can be utilised and what changes can be made or done during the construction. This way you can save ample amount of time as well as money. There will also be a chance to alter something which is not going in the proper direction while the building is under construction. Always enquire such that you are updated with the information with respect to construction.


  • Switches, doors & Electrical Outlets

Understand the electrical outlet’s position and the location of the light switches in the building. It can sound like a minor thing but it is very important to know the power outlets especially if it is a residential complex. Take a walk through the buildings and double check them to make sure all the doors are functioning properly or not. This way an idea can also be generated with respect to the quality of work being done.


  • Rendering & interior designing

Suvih can be said as the ultimate guide in rendering and interior designing providing best ideas with smart planning and creativity. The views are specific as per the individual criteria and their views. This has been helping us in avoiding mistakes such that we can save money and finish the project according to the budget. This has been designed with technicality providing complete comfort for the people who would live. The designing aspects of our services provide a clear idea how the building would look in future. This can directly impact the value of the property and help to spend the money more effectively. Suvih is efficient in providing services for all kinds of buildings like residential and business properties.


  • MEP clash detection

The services of MEP clash detection are done not only for new buildings but also for the renovation or retrofitting the existing buildings. There is a strong need to understand MEP clash detection process. The technical personnel of Suvih makes sure the required changes are made that are beyond superficial changes. The role of the professionals includes the HVAC BIM, plumbing BIM, and mechanical HVAC. The projects are designed and specialised for providing best MEP services that implement advanced software.

At Suvih, detailed plan with section drawings is made with respect to the MEP services that can help in installations that can be helpful in clash detection. Clashes if any are detected and these are redesigned by including consultants of the respective field. The finalised design which is clash-free is prepared and provided.


  • Drains that Work Well

The well-designed drainage system is important and makes sure to ask your builder and the contractors involved. Make sure to understand the system well and inspect all the pipes. Inspecting the drainage system while construction process is a better idea as all the pipes are exposed during building. Bring up any concerns with the builders and clear them immediately. Check thoroughly all the sewage and draining systems because the building is one of a great way for ensuring the infrastructure. And it is an essential aspect of a building to last a bit longer. The faucets and outside outlets need to be looked into and make sure to discuss with your builder to make sure all the things mentioned are within the expected number and quality.


  • Insulation

 Insulation and the air handling units need to be designed well such that there are no chances for accidents to occur. The air conditioning system and the firefighting network plays a major role especially in huge buildings and those where inflammable chemicals are handled. Better insulation and such emergency systems can save lots of money and time.


  • Conclusion

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) routings and levels being the most important aspect of the BIM model determine the quality of the building. It also let the designers and modellers to identify the clashes prior to the construction. Drain systems installation can be smooth with the BIM model during construction of a building.

The kind of professionals included also play a major role in establishing a building that can last for a longer time. Therefore, a building that is built considering all the important aspects can last for a longer time and saves money.