Sunken Vs Suspended Piping System

There is a common doubt that most of the builders ask as a common questione regarding the advantages and  the disadvantages of sunken piping and suspending piping.

Here we will be seeing  the major differences among sunken and suspended piping as they play a major role in the plumbing system for any kind of construction.

  • Sunken slab is a local sunk and within this the  pipes can  run till the shaft
  • Suspended piping the pipes are punctured (Core cut) to slabs and suspended below the slab till shafts.
  • It is difficult to maintain Plumbing pipes in sunken slabs as addressing any repair can be hard
  • Whereas in suspended piping, the false ceiling can be  easily removed and repaired as needed.
  • It is difficult to find any leakage in the plumbing  pipes in sunken slab and also time taking process
  •  Finding leakages is easy and less time to find.
  • The water supply pipes will have to chase the toilet   walls and columns which makes the work difficult  in sunken slab
  • Suspended pipes the water supply pipes will run within  false ceiling and chipped as needed.
  • Sunken slabs the water proofing is higher
  • Suspended slabs the water proofing is less.
  • Sunken slab piping, the geysers used will be    exposed
  • In the plumbing system of suspended piping, the geysers  are covered with false ceiling and needs a horizontal  mounted Geysers that needs minimum  of 450 mm  clearance.
  • Sunken slab piping, the noise is less
  • Suspended piping the drain lines will run within the false  ceiling portion and to reduce the noise, need to use silent  PVC pipes that make noise less than 20 db
  • Sunken Slabs the cost needed is double the    suspended piping
  • Economical
  • Materials used for sunken slab piping includes filing,  screed concrete, folded slabs and tile drop which makes  the cost high.
  • Whereas in suspended piping, we would need tile  drop  and false ceiling which makes it economical


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