We provide outstanding and unique MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) designing services to our global clients. suvih’s also providing MEP engineering design services such as the integrated 3D MEP modelling, and schematic designings.



  • Basement Ventilation.
  • Heat Load Calculation & Load summary.
  • Preliminary & updated design with proposed shafts.
  • Selection of HVAC Equipment’s.
  • Location of Equipment, Duct design & routing, Section and Details.
  • Plant room layout, detailed sections.
  • HVAC shop drawings.
  • Bill of Quantity and Material.



  • Electrical Load Calculation.
  • Selection and Sizing of Transformers.
  • Single Line Diagram.
  • LT Distribution systems.
  • Lighting Calculations.
  • Lighting Control systems.
  • Lighting layout.
  • Electrical Tray and wire or Cable sizing.
  • Power distribution layout.
  • Emergency power supply systems through DG sets.
  • Schematic drawings.
  • Earthing System.
  • Bill of Quantity and Materials.



  • Cold water demand calculation.
  • Water services design.
  • Cold & hot water pipe sizing calculation.
  • Building internal sanitary piping system.
  • Building external sanitary piping system.
  • Basement drainage system.
  • Drainage discharge, pipe sizing & slope calculation.
  • Manhole/Inspection chamber sizing.
  • Water treatment.
  • Water storage sizing.
  • Pressure drop calculation & pump sizing/selection.
  • Plant room layout.
  • Storm water drainage system.
  • Waste water treatment, sewage treatment plans & recycling.
  • Laboratory waste collection and treatment.
  • Laboratory gas distribution.
  • Bill of Quantity and Materials.



  • Standard pipe systems.
  • Fire hydrant and Sprinkler systems.
  • Fire alarm and smoke detection systems.
  • Dry pipe and pre-action sprinkler systems.
  • Fire Detector and Alarm Layout.
  • Life safety testing.
  • Bill of Quantity and Materials.