• BIM Architecture

Building Information Modelling Architecture is an essential and intelligent 3D model-based process. At Suvih we make sure the model is applied to our projects with the help of construction, engineering, and architectural professionals. Our efficient technical team is constantly challenged with the projects in order to deliver the best designs for our worldwide clients. Despite the limited budgets and information, we make sure to satisfy our clients with respect to the BIM architecture. The MEP designs and other architectural data is coordinated such that the BIM aids in detecting collisions in initial stages itself. This can also be helpful in identifying the discrepancies and envisages the facilities prior to the actual construction. This can be helpful in improving safety and analyses the impacts. BIM architecture involves the critical information in the model before the construction begins. Therefore there would be opportunities to pre-assemble few systems off the site. This way waste can be minimized and the products can be derived in time avoiding stockpiling in the site.