Why do we need to create a 3D Model for Rebar?

  • Better visibility of Rebar arrangements:
  • If we create 3D or BIM for Rebar it will Increase the ability to convey design intent to subcontractors or stakeholders in a better way.
  • Helps in improving the understanding of difficult project conditions or situations to all stakeholders.
  • Reinforcing non-standard geometries like complex structures is effective and flexible because anyone at the site can understand the concrete shape where it belongs to. The virtual designs helps where bars can be placed and these are easy to adjust and modify.


  • Clash detection:
  •      In 2D Drawings we cannot find out clashes between Rebars and in case of 3D or BIM Model, we can find out clashes easily. We can also find out the exact location of clash by using intelligent BIM tools like Revit and Navis works.

  • Helps to understand shape of stirrups:
  •      As shown in the below example images we can identify shape of stirrups virtually.

  • Identifies the Cutting Length for Stirrups:
  • If we create 3D Model of Rebar there is no need to struggle to calculate Length of Stirrups. It automatically calculates by creating BOQ in BIM tools. But to use the same one needs 3D model accurately by considering cover and beam sizes.
  • We can also get Cutting length of the Circular stirrups by extracting BOQ in BIM tools. There is absolutely no need to do any manual calculations.
  • We can get Cutting Length of Diamond (Rhombus) Stirrups with less efforts.
  • To Know the Column size, Hook Length, Bar Diameter and Cover dimensions.


  • To Identify or notice Clearance issues for extension of beams.

  • To notice Fitting issues among Beam and Column.

  • To create builders Drawings without any Rework.
  • Builders Work Drawings contains openings for slab, wall and equipment foundation details of HVAC, and piping, plumbing, fire fighting and electrical services. If we know the exact location of Rebars in slab or structural walls, we can create Builders drawings with accurate cutting sizes and location to design the MEPF Services.

  • It provides clear dimensions or sizes to create shop drawings or Combined Services Drawings without any issues of rework.