Why do we need to create a 3D Model for Rebar?

Better visibility of Rebar arrangements: If we create 3D or BIM for Rebar it will Increase the ability to convey design intent to subcontractors or stakeholders in a better way. Helps in improving the understanding of difficult project conditions or situations to all stakeholders. Reinforcing non-standard geometries like complex structures is effective and flexible because […]

Things to consider while constructing a building

  There are various things one has to consider while building a new building. It may not be a simple task and various aspects need to be taken into consideration. Suvih engineering solutions are one stop for all kinds of needs and to make sure all the aspects are covered. Here are few important things […]

Importance of BIM in INDIA

Importance of Building Information Modelling in India   Building information modelling (BIM) has made life easier and has created efficiency as the users can get various benefits. One would realise the value of BIM as it can cut down rework. It saves time by reducing the re-keying information in models and making changes in the plan based on requirements. […]